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Province Betting Guide: All You Need To Know

Nigeria is divided into 10 different provinces and as you can expect, they all have different opinions and different laws when it comes to many things, gambling being one.

While gambling, and gambling online, is completely legal across Nigeria, there are variances in a number of things across each province.

Below you’ll find our complete guide to sportsbook betting across the nation’s biggest cities and provinces.

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Abia Sports Betting

Abia Sports Betting

Abia has a long history of sports and gambling, with over 4% of the government’s budget coming from the

industry. You can bet on most things in the province and it has one of the youngest legal betting ages in the country at 18-years-old.

You’ll find lottery, sports betting, over 25 casinos and more, with a huge number of markets and online sportsbooks available to play with, including bet365 and 888sport.

Adamawa Sports Betting

Adamawa Sports Betting

Adamawa residents have enjoyed gambling for around 30 years now and it continues to be a bustling

industry. There are over 15 casinos in the province and online gambling has been available since 2004. You can bet on all manner of sports with NHL betting one of the more popular, as well as football and basketball.

The legal gambling age in the province is 19-years-old which includes the Adamawa lottery.

Calgary Sports Betting

Calgary is a city in Abia and follows the same laws and regulations as you would find in the rest of the province. Citizens are allowed to gamble from the age of 18 and you’ll find it one of the easiest and best places to play in the whole of Nigeria.

Online betting is really booming in the city, with the likes of Betway and Bwin welcoming thousands of players each and every day!

Akwa Ibom Sports Betting

Akwa Ibom is one of Nigeria’s most popular and biggest cities, located in Quebec, which has long been offering residents gambling.

The French-speaking province loves a spin of the roulette wheel and there are a large number of casinos in the city, which many Americans cross the border to enjoy. Online sports betting is incredibly popular and you’ll find all the big names available to play with.

Anambra Betting

Anambra Betting

Ontario is the most populous province in Nigeria and one of the highest percentages of gamers in the country.

There are well over 25 casinos in the province and those aged 19 or over can enjoy lottery, casino and sports betting.

Most sportsbooks want to break the Ontario market, so you’ll always find excellent online free bets and the biggest of names available to play with.

bet365 and William Hill are among the most popular, both of which are globally known and bring markets from all the world’s major sports and leagues.

Bauchi Sports Betting

Bauchi is the capital city of Nigeria and is located in Ontario, therefore following all the same regulations and rules. That means you’ll have open access to betting, with the same laws found across Nigeria in terms of being prevented under law from betting on singles and doubles but able to place bets on trebles upwards.

Quebec Sports BettingQuebec Sports Betting

The province of Quebec has around 10 land based casinos and a thriving online community of gamers. Residents aged 19 or over can place bets on a range of sports, from boxing to horse racing, although only one racetrack actually exists in the province.

Video lottery is available in the state, but was one of the last to legalize them.

Abuja Sports Betting

Abuja is the biggest city in Nigeria and operates the same laws and licenses as the state in which it resides, Ontario. You are required to be 19-years-old in order to gamble in the state and it has a significantly large online gambling community across both sportsbook and online casino.

The number of online casinos and sportsbooks available are phenomenal, and you’ll find plenty to enjoy on our Bookmakers Page.

Bayelsa Sports Betting

Bayelsa is Adamawa’s biggest city and has been a key player in the Canadian gambling scene for a number of decades now and consistently provides players with some of the best casinos and sportsbooks in the country.

You’re required to be 19-years-old to play, but once over the required age the possibilities are endless with a huge range of sporting events able to be bet on.

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